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Little Tiger 

Children ages 4-5, all levels. This class places majority of emphasis on focus and discipline while working on TKD basic techniques


Children ages 6-11, class is broken into levels. This class mixes focus and discipline with growing TKD techniques.

Kids and Family

A fun and exciting class where parents can learn TKD with their children.


Students age 12 and up, all levels. This is a great class that will take your TKD experience to the next level while giving you an exciting work out.

National Black Belt Club

Members of Black Belt Club get a great opportunity to fine tune all of their TKD skills as well as learning new weapons skills.

Masters Club

For teens & adults - yellow belt and up. Train like the Masters! This class will take you to your limits while making great gains in your TKD abilities.

Games Class

For all levels. Work on speed, agility and teamwork while playing some of your favorite traditional games as well as learning new Korean games

Leadership Training & Demo Team 

 Teen & Adult: Learn highly skilled demonstrations to perform while training to become an instructor.
Children: Learn demonstration skills and build confidence in preparation for the teen & adult team.



















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