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I believe that helping each student to improve herself/himself physically, mentally, and emotionally has an impact that reaches beyond that student”.

Master K  
•15 years teaching experience of Taekwondo in Korea
• Korea National  Junior Taekwondo Rank1 (1992)
•Ranked #1  in the Korea from 1990-1999 in the Fly weight division
•5th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo
•master instruction certificate
•international referee certificate
•community sport instruction certificate
•master of art in sport foreign policy


 Our Philosophy

Our masters and staffs are committed to creating and maintaining an atmosphere of positive energy and respect in our school.
Champion Taekwondo Academy Mission statement:
• To teach the highest quality martial arts
• To care & treat students as my family and lead them into the right path
• To empower our students with valuable skills and life lessons they can use daily

Our Teaching Methods
All of our Masters focus on positive reinforcement to motivate and help our students learn.

Understanding that all students learn differently we use verbal instruction, demonstration and of course practice to benefit all styles of learning.

Our Results
Tae Kwon Do offers many benefits. These benefits will become apparent not only in Tae Kwon Do class but in all aspects of our student's life.



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